Sunday, February 03, 2008

im angie.
this angie little bloggy.
chen shiwei is damm shuai
saw the spop hurray tinkee at hougang mall justnw
he sing untill no voice
but still very nice.
or rather my singing sucks.
i love my shopping cards.

shoped for these.
kns la.
i so loyal to them
buy so many tinks.
all the things
gimme so small plastic bag.

gt tuition.
adrian damm keai.
i mean my tutor.
not the other one six
he wear simson tee.
watever u spell it.
he was late.
i opening the door.
adrian : sorry sorrysorrysorryX3333
mi: *lax la lax la* said, nvm nvm nvm nvm
den told hims my subj comb.
he forget abt my emaths
coz i forget to bring my textbk homes.
&& he agree wif mi tt poa is more diffucult den amaths
nehnehs de.
dunno who say im weird tt say amaths is easier.
adrian: waa, poa.*take my book, shocked xpression*
mi:*notd my head&said* ya.
adrian: i gt study before. chim subj.
mi: ya lor yalor *agitated* sibeii chims ar
studyed amaths.

den st kor called mi
ask mi pei hims go bugis,
mi : i cant go out la.
st : y cannt? pei mi go bugis la
mi: cannt mum dun let, ur clique lei?
st: waa! u noe the word clique?
not bad la. ur english gt improve.
mi: *zz*i noe the word when i was pri6
st:dun lie dun lie
mi: i noe it when i was pri 6
just tt i nv use nia.
st: dun lie dunlie.
den while ltr.
kop liaos.

my world is surrounded by alots of adrians, jasmines,amandas, justins,

i wanna learn beat box
&blogskinn making.
& sing properly.

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