Sunday, January 27, 2008

bad play experience/
i hate ppl who jisiao.
dun tok abt it le.
im moody now.
& i dunwann blogg.
i believe
a picture speaks a thousand words.
so thr shud be afewthousands thr.
plus my captions.
alot of words le.

mi n simin


i wan to muacks her liaos


lena simin mi fiona. diyan takin the photo

simin mi diyan fiona.lena takin the photo

artistic huh? ;rooftop

hoho! craps. ehs, gt couple holdin hands; rooftop

pussy say we wanna jump down.
evidence to prove tt we didnt

zz~!; rooftop

esplande? commentless. ;rooftop

mi n sucessful one; escalator

damm it. my mth open. ;bugis kfc

ahhhhhhhhhh, mad ppl . ;bugis kfc

shuitong &shuitong tobe ;kfc

nth much to do, twin-lian i call it; rooftop

hoho! this is mi & myself ; rooftop

zz. unsucessful one ; escalator

can see? lalas. ;cityhall mrt escalator

nth better to do, ; cityhall mrt escalator

diyan mi joce dia maomao lm ; esplande toilet

mi &erika mei, damm my hair. ; 261 bus

diyan mi erika ;261 bus

aiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ ;rooftop

okayy, byebye

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