Sunday, September 02, 2007

today is my bday
happy BIRTHday to angie
bernardd wish mi happy BIRDday
i noe he is a bird.
im not.

today damm damm X 3 high.
high fan tian ye~
present at today's party.
angie leemei jocelyn meiyan shuetnie
claudia tingzhi carmen adriankor
plus roger and my mum's fwens.
my cake was yummy.
can ask ppl lyk mi adrian meiyan shuet nie
leemei jocelyn.
coz we were the one who finish up the whole cake
adrian kor finally see marshmalow after one year.
he damm happy.
n his fone is full of my pics.
coz i zi lian ma.
1. leemei jocelyn cum com.
3.felicia jushanq diyan cum
4.carmen cum with ur niece
5.roger n his mum n aunt n sister cum.
play-ed with his sister. super cute! cuter den mi
6.meiyan shuet nie cum.
7.tingzhi claudia cum
7adrian cum
8.cut cake cake
10.felicia jushanq diyan went home
11.go out chat chit abt sum real EMF
take alot of photos.
12.super argent. go home and pee-ed
i mean everyone. up the cake and beehoon!
i mean really finish
13.carmen n niece n tingzhi n claudia went home
adrian go play com
14.adrian see byebye and went home
15. send files to my fone
16. everyone went home.


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