Saturday, August 04, 2007

i love band
i hate council board.

ps.this is my blog
i hv my privacy rights.
u can express my feeling on the blog.
bcoz this is my blog.

i dun care who is reading my blog.
i dun care if its principal viceprincipal cher or whoever.
marmie ask mi to quit council board.
and i wan it to.
council board sux.
totally,seriously , definately.
tqq for creating the demerit point system..
council board to mi is crap okay?
its lyk..
info oso not pass down properly la.
den blame us.
and crap la.
i wan to be counciler
but in such livin conditions ar.
i rather die.
chinese proverb: sheng bu ru si .
i dun see the reason y i shud get scoldin frm my mum
due to council board la.
band still can accept.
no way.
the fact is tt i quarrel wif her everyday la.
adrian kor is right.
in fact i shud hv listen to his words 200yrs ago.
we help the sch.
in return ,
war we get is scoldings and blamin.
wat crap is tis?
n i dun c the reason y we shud fall sick
and make ourselves lack of energy
and to be hated

im not a dog ;i dont bark
im not a servant;i dont massage ferr ppl
im not a puppet;i dont hv strings.
im not a kite;im not controlled!
im a human .
i hv human rights.
im dumb
doesnt mean i hv to listen tothe everytink u say!

` there is always a reason behind everything;

will there be an answer to every why?
will there be a time to every when?
will there be a process to every how?
will there be a location to every where?
will there be an object to every which?
will there be a cupid for every couple?
will there be a lifetime of happiness for every girl?
will there be a guardian angel for everyone?

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