Tuesday, July 31, 2007

lalas. im back.
currently on mc lor.
i miss band pracs~

this week was a fruitful one.
i improved my english.

sunday .
my best day.
mit lingg at 2.30 at ps.
i was early hao ma.,
*smile big big*
den he pei mi go go yamaha buy manuscrpit book.
den went to look for flowers , real one kaeS?
actually we walked past florist la
but didnt realised tt they sell flowers dere
coz the shop is full of fountains
and the flowers rite
i mean the amt they sell is only a fridge size and
DEEP IN SIde so my wonderful eyesight wun be able to see.
hao ma?
before tt
we went to yamaha correct.
den peek at the prize tag of electone stagea!
my heart broke
stupid la.
the prize went up to 11thousand $
i was lyk gonna cry le lor.
tt day i saw was 9thousand
drop one thoutsand.
den buy la.
den lingg help mi take .
damm happy kou yi ma?
coz i tink if not ar i will misplace the tink 2hours ltr.
den go shop shop around.
lingg suggest tt we go watch muve but no time
den we go 711 , thot thr gt sell green tea,
but butbut
qing tian pi li
*thunder plus lightning.*
i seems to be emo rite?
den we go carrefour,
whr we found my green tea.
tt part quite funny
coz i was typing msg.
to my son yongsoon i tink.
den i ask lingg to help mi take.
den he was lyk hesitating
den i walk dere , took
and waited for him to take his drink.
mi; green tea wun kill sperms de.
lingg; i prefer mango tea
den go buy cards at times.
borrow pen from the shop keeper.
n didnt 'try out' the pens at the shop
see,im honest.
den go up go down
waste time
den ..
due to tt time
lingg say he dun belief tt i cause internally injury
i tried on him la
i tink gt 6 finger nails marks.
coz he ask mi how many finger i hv.

den saw the flower shop
and bot roses for mr chiang and fredy
den realised that it was 445!
den chiong to vch
lingg sent mi thr kaes?
so sweet.
he send mi until the door of vch hao ma.
den he take bus home.
kel: u are late
mi; im not ,hvn 5 yet.

den he walk upstairs.
the pieces they play
damm nice cans?
i like the with heart and voice and
the songs the alumni band played.
the u raised mi up very unique and cute.
the mc oso .
damm funny.
den after concert
chatted wif lingg over the phone while walkin to marina square
n zf was scaring hassinah all the while
walk past the memorial and
one angmo was lyk
so gay!
i tink tt day mi n yuan yee topis was gays la.
inside details are confidential.
tsk .tsk.
ate burger king.
while kel came and disturb .
he say he wanna kidnapp mi.
so ppl, beware of kelvin.

den mi n yuenyee played hide and seek wif the seniors/.
damm fun
but damm unstable.
den jiu take mrt den take bus go home le.
den lingg msg mi.
he say his hand very pain
den bleed

conclusion; angie DOES causes internally cum externally(depends) injury

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