Friday, June 01, 2007

a short post.

mr leng's ''bday party''
went ps.
at kfc
saw russell
his size.
still the same.
he look at mi
i look at him.
damm funny.
i went dere to buy mashed potato.

percusion bot for mr leng
a conductor stick and a sheep den can hug the conductor stick

den went amk hub meet the band
den take bus 86 to sengkang intercharge
den walk to mr lengs hse.
den go eat
den eat finish le
jiu go home.
my hse damm smoky
n i stayed in my room untill my dad's fwens left
didnt tok to daddy.
and oso partly my fault la.
i reached home
called uncle uncle uncle
den jiu go my rm le ma.
but den oso bcoz i dun wanna die so early la.
tokin to daddy is pointless la.
unless abt sibu=D

den today band.
den gt scolding from mr ong.
i triED my best in memoerisin the speed and followin him
and the rest of the percussion too.
and yingxuan had to take over our warm up la.
came back arud one plus.
den tt jiayi came
she dam noisy
she sort of lyk mi
but i dun lyk her
i cant communication wif her
den bot her to hougang mall
buy stuffs.
and when home..
den online online online
untill now.

i hate zongyingg la
im angry wif him for bein angry wif mi.
okay, we quarrel.

angry ar.
gonna go


love u lots.

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