Thursday, June 07, 2007

my kors are lame.
stupid adrian kor and chia hao kor.
chiahaokor ask kennethkor to tell adrian kor to fcuk his mother
adriankor ask mi to tel chiahao kor to fcuk his mother
and the tink is,
both of them are at their chalet
just tt
one is upstairs and one is down.
mi n kenneth kor sian half la.
and kenneth kor say untill
the whole kfc look at him la.

chang bu da.


diet next mth.
i didnt manage to slim down
congrates adrian kor.
he managed to lost a few kilo.
tts wat he tell mi.


sianzations la.
so much hw.
>< when novena and j8 today.
and amk kfc
and b4 tt
bot 1 c and 1d
for lunch i tink.
i put too much soy sauce.
oops; the sauce covers untill aroud 1/3 of the rice.
tsk tsk.
pester kenneth kor to treat mi green tea
and he did:)
and oso jocelyn leemei and claudia.
walkED to the mrt station
met jocelyn mum
den took the same train.
den trained down to novena.
reach le den go square 2
den go watts in
bot the damm hair clip
which broke in class wif leemei's
den mi lm joce bot a pair of earring each
coz is dam cheap!
3 for $3
den den den
kenneth kor hungry
den we go kfc
den kor ate zinger.
treatED mi mashed potato
and the large pepsi for the three of us
okay, skip that part
coz kor will suan mi.
den went to pee
den go zou zou again at square 2
pretty boring.
den go velocity
den saw the lil boy do the abseiling.
we clappED for him ok?
thot of the high elements
the counciller camp one.hahas
ohh. b4 all this i went to the counciller meetin in sch
back to the story
den go animal la.
i wan the belt la.
simple and nice.
and costs 26bucks.
i lyk the jacket thr.
quite nice
nicer den ip zone one.
very unique
i lyk the 'attitude' of the design
very the got ge xin.
den sian half le.
go trained to bishan
go j8 la.
lm n joce go buy the ji pa
taiwan food
den kor bot bubble tea.
den go mini toons
den kor go arcade.
bot a keyboard sticker la
damm cute.
kawa kawaii!
den bus down to amk kfc
den ate shrooms burger.
meet darl they all as well.

i felt that kenneth kor was damm shuai today

den jiu go home le.

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