Saturday, May 19, 2007

angie is going to be reincarnated as...
An apple
'What" will you be reincarnated as?' at

had fun today
today no organ class!
den lm my carmen valen eshley
came my hse
discuss the chalet tink
den when they gg gome
esh n valen go change tgt.
den we prank them
we off the light
n push the door open
i oso dunno why
they stuck inside the toilet
n den summore
they were lyk
u push i pull
sort of crap la..
accordin to meiyan
she say
valen nail down
n open the door.
its lyk so funny la.
even my mum laugh

tt zongying is suffering at ubin now...

i dunno wat to writ now.
so bye!

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