Friday, March 23, 2007

sowie for not updatin..
im busy lke shit..

i m turning emo in the next few sentence..
in class tt time rite..
waa..i lke drowning already..
den xu lao shi quite flood us wif work..
ms lee dun understand our situation..

force force force..
yesterday was very very stress..
my compo nv writ..
journal hvn writ..
vocal bank hvn do
the art hvn finish..
the powerpoint lack of ideas.
the storyboard hvn edit.
the maths report and survey qsns hvn print
maths ws hvn do...
jian bao hvn do...
chinese poem hvn do finish...
home enomics cant find..
dnt dunno wat picture...
dnt journal hvn do..
lit gt work...
history debate hvn work out...
history wkbk hvn do
band time do work lor..
my rhythm hvn prac...
syf coming...
sppech day coming...
reflections hvn do..
den junior gt into trouble..
den lower sec uncontrollable..
grpmates slack..
made diyan do all//
cher gives us stress...
u gt mi so stress ma?
i dun even hv the time to sit down and eat lunch peacefully
n sumtimes dun even hv the time to pee lor..
no time go buy pens oso...
no time practise organ
no time clean my organ lor..

tis is not fair!

we are 2e3.
though we are supposed to be the best class..
but u chers are giving way to much stress..
u noe tis kind of feelings?!!


he say he love mi. =]

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