Tuesday, January 02, 2007

harlows ppl.
angie is here to tag her blog..
tt's lame..
yesterday was new yr n was fun
coz mi went j8 to shop n EAT wif jocelyn laopo.leemei laopo.tingzhi.jocelyn ahyi.daryl jiujiu.and 2other guys whom i dunno their names..
eat lots of tinks..
erm..i eat..
mini melts
ice kacang.i share it wif leemei <3
popcorn.i share wif leemei n tingzhi
tako pachi.steal eat frm leemei/
took/steak two french fries frm jocelyn ahyi
when we pei the two jocelyn eat long john slivers.=]
bot de put pencil tinkee which i dunno wat is it called=]
went popular n bot clear folder n mi n leemei share...
n sum other tinks..
i saw wan ting n fwens dere too..
she damm chio!!!
i jeolous..
hehe ...
saw serene n stead too..
her stead is like so...

den went ank hub
go de fairprice..
damm dumb..
go dere lke stupid idoits lke tt..
llke pelangi tt giant lor..
omg..i miss giant..
miss jusco more...
i miss my coursins...
after tt
go my grandfather hse
i seriously hate tt place
so dirty
went eat minced meat noodles at 85 mrket
coz opposite only..
n satay..
im glutton no.2

im hungry again..
so gtg..
luv u lots..
rmb to tag..

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