Saturday, December 09, 2006

so sad lor..
i hate ppl who act trust mi but dun trust mi..
im tellin u tis..u sux!
im back frm de china trip which made us do lots n lots n lots of reflection..
so bored...
christmas muz stay at home watch tv so ke lian=[
wa..we go china tt sch their english damm pro..
its like takeaway they say to go
but it's wat it write in their textbook...
their sch toilet is like..
very unique la..gals toilet no door de...
i like...
u will nv imagine unless u r thr b4 la..
good food and thr de kfc sell egg tarts damm nice sia...omg.. gd gt bad but through de trip i noe new fwens...n become laupos=]
rmb to love mi dars

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